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Here I will try to give you some of the history about Harry Ferguson, his tractors and his implements.

First of all I want to say a little about the Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors around the world.
Ferguson, and later Massey Ferguson, produced tractors and implements in many countries around the world, and
they were different. A Ferguson made at the Banner Lane factory in England was not equal to the one made
in Detroit, USA. And later, as the MF 35, 65, and 100 series came they were different too. We can even see
that some models made in USA were not made in England. An example here is the MF 50. If I talk about a MF 50
in Norway everyone would assume I am talking about the later MF 50 industrial series, and not the agricultural
tractor made in the 50ties in USA. This is something to care about when we use internet to get parts and manuals
for our tractors.