Below you will find tools for the Ferguson tractor. Enjoy !

This is the original Ferguson Spanner, and for the US citizens, it was the original wrench
that came with the Ferguson TE 20 series as far as I have information about.
As you can see, it has centimeter markings on one side, and inch markings on the other.
On the side with inch markings you will also find the letters, EN19. This number tells
about the quality of the tool, the "steel quality". There have been many look alikes made
with other markings, like EN18, and others too. But those are not the Ferguson original tool
Below the pics of the "Ferguson spanner" you will find a picture with the part number for
the "Ferguson Spanner", as it has today. Recently the "Ferguson Spanner" became available
brand new from Massey Ferguson dealers.

I hope to find pictures of more original Ferguson tools to put in below.
And, if I fond non-origianl tools I will post them too here.